Restoration Services

• Complete Disassembly

• Show Quality Paint Job

• Embossing

• Decals

• New Insulation

• Chrome Re-plating

• Fan motor(s)

• Thermostat

• ALL NEW wiring

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In The Shop

Coca Cola Vendo V-39 RestorationVendo V-81D
Coke Machine

The "D" model, known as "Large Door", was introduced in the mid to late 50's!

Coke changed the appearance of this machine by applying a two tone paint scheme, enlarging the embossed text and moving it to the right to create a more balanced appearance.  The plastic medallion in the bottle door was changed from green to clear with a white back. Making this machine highly collectible.

The "D" model was the same internally but featured a different coin mechanism and door.

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Before & After

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What I Do.

I buy, restore and collect antique soda machines. I have a large inventory of vending soda machines dating back to the early 30's - 60's. This is not limited to Coke, but includes Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, RC Cola to name a few. I also have a vast array of other collectibles such as candy machines, cigarette machines, gas pumps, barber chairs, juke boxes and the list grows daily. If I don't have it then I can help you find it.

I am a small town guy from Somerville, Texas and this is a family owned and operated business. All work is guaranteed to your satisfaction and I stand behind everything I produce. I work with the hope that you are as proud of the finished product as I am.

Please take time to visit my "In the shop" page to see photos of my in progress Coke Machine Restoration from beginning to end.


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Restoring Memories One Machine At A Time

Coin Docere July 29 at 5:34pm I remember my pop-pop taking me shopping (we walked) up to Woodland ave to the Supermarket (Simpsons) and to the Bank (When I was 8 up till I was 15).. I would push the hand cart up and back to his house (5blks) just... to get a coke from the only soda machine around..he would sneak me for the walk home and one at his house where we would go thru the two penny (cent) rolls he got me from the bank (what else) was our bonding was really cool looking back..I am gonna have a CocaCola now (here's to you Pop-Pop, I miss you, but you are always here)..sorry randy..he was the best..and a WWll submariner..reason I went into the service (US Army)

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